X4 (“Ten Four”) seeks to combine engaging music, high-caliber performances, and the promotion of quality percussion music by today’s top composers. Comprised of Julie Hill, Ji Hye Jung, Dan Piccolo, and Shane Jones, X4 won 1st place in the 2017 PAS Italy Chamber Percussion Competition, and has performed at various venues across the state of Tennessee, including the Tennessee State Day of Percussion and at Bowling Green State University’s Contemporary Music Festival.


The name “X4” is a play on words as the call of “10-4” is a sign of affirmation and understanding (incorporating the Roman numeral X for the number 10) and that the group was originally formed by music professors in the state of Tennessee. While X4 seeks to connect global music sounds and with the worlds of classical and contemporary percussion, generating a new musical voice that is thought-provoking, stimulating, and sometimes quite groovy. X4 is dedicated to helping promote the work of talented up and coming composers while also engaging with established composers as well.